BubuSI Software


BubuSI is a configuration of an Open source & Open (non-private) data software. Drawing on traceability, it optimises sharing and creates economies of scale.

Our first app Lot.bubusi.app is designed for CUSTODIANS, any entity that needs a platform to coordinate the sharing of products sustainably.



Including the finance, tracking, exchange, lease, maintenance and use of the shared items.

Customizable catalog

Organize the catalog according to the categories, products & items, condition, feedback, etc.


Visualize your entity and where the products are on an interactive map.


Control the product related finance of the entity.

Due dates alerts

Rental due dates reminders.

Trust and transparency

Inspection & rating of items and feedback as a means to build trust.

Tailored configuration

Library configuration according to custodian unique needs.

Donor and user’s management

Manage different interactions with the products and services.



Development Updates

Ecosystem engagement

Technical support

Upcoming Developments

Local Currencies

Use an internal currency or token to value the exchanges

Component Traceability

Tracking of different components to improve sustainability indexes and measure impact

Multiple Level Interactions

Search for items in the whole bubusis network

New Business Models

Custodians at the center of innovative business models

Libraries of Things


Libraries of things give us access to items such as kitchen appliances, tools, electronics, toys & games, musical instruments, art, science, craft, gardening & recreational equipment, and much more without having to buy. All via an online catalogue.

They help create a society where resources are abundant because they are shared. They also encourage the reuse and repair of products, which improves the social and economic efficiency of our communities.

LoTs can be generic or specialized. Like a book library, you sign up as a member and start using the service.


Launching the first Library of Things in Barcelona on January 23rd 2020.

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What do I need to run a Library of Things?

A space to store items

A computer

An account at bubusi.org

Products and a label printer

How do I set up a Library of Things?

  1. Prepare the space and the area to serve. Ideally, we also recommend having a separate area for repairs.

  2. Contact us to create your virtual library of things at lot.bubusi.app

  3. Spread the word about the new service in the neighborhood or town.

  4. Start receiving donations, reviewing and adding them to the catalog with a picture, description and price. Print the QR code tag and store it.

  5. Start renting the items and tracking to whom you deliver them, for how long and the payments.

  6. Returns & reviews of the items.


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