Creating Abundance Through Sustainable Sharing

BubuSI supports human ecosystems in creating abundance through the sustainable sharing of things.

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About Us

We are a global team working from Catalonia, Victoria and Buenos Aires.

Our aim is to provide a nurturing and inspiring multicultural environment that helps people unfold their personal and professional potential by complementing each other’s skills & abilities.

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BubuSI is inspired by a cultural practice of the Kiribati Islands communities who share things as a social obligation.

We redefined such practice and brought it into other contexts to support human ecosystems in creating abundance through the sustainable sharing of things. Sustainable means things last longer and their use is optimised. Abundance means people enjoy access to what is available without needing to buy.

Technologically, BubuSI is a configuration of an Open source & Open (non-private) data traceability software, whose flexible architecture makes it easy to customize.


Kiribati Islands, 2006


Custodians and Libraries of Things (lots)

Our first app is designed for CUSTODIANS

We recovered the concept of custodianship and introduced it in the scheme of sharing economy. Custodians are any entity in need of a platform to coordinate the sharing of products sustainably.

BubuSI offers them TRACEABILITY, including the finance, tracking, exchange, lease, maintenance and use of the shared items.

LoTs give us access to many kind of goods and services without needing to buy them. They help create a society where resources are abundant because they are shared and encourage the reuse and repair of products, which improves the social and economic efficiency of our communities.


We are facing a big problem: the undeniable waste of resources brought about by the current economic system.


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